YVR Hotels


The City of Vancouver is located about a 45 minute drive north of the United States international border, 9 hours west of Calgary, 4 hours west of Kelowna and about 3-4 hours by car and ferry to Victoria, BC’s capital city which is located on Vancouver Island.  

YVR, Vancouver International Airport, is located on Sea Island; an island just south of the City of Vancouver which is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Fraser River to the North, East and South. The Island, and therefore the airport, is actually part of Richmond, BC, which is one of 21 cities that make up the MVRD, Metro Vancouver Regional District.

Vancouver has a population of close to 700,000. Together with the rest of the MVRG, the total population of the metro area is close to 3 million people making it about the 20th largest metro area in North America. 

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